✨Astrology Update 8/22/18✨Pisces Full Moon

Astrology Update


Let’s be real. Our little planet has gone through some SHIT lately! All these eclipses, supermoons, retrogrades, and galactic alignments have done quite a number to us little earthlings. The past few months have been marked by reflection, revisions, and a “two steps forward, one step back” pattern. While I have actually enjoyed the opportunity to catch up and reflect, I’m happy to announce that will finally be releasing the weighty energies that have been slowing us down!


This upcoming full moon is a welcome respite from all the craziness of the past few months, while still delivering the power and complexity that we expect from the universe at this time! This full moon features the Kite configuration of aspects — a rare, but positive configuration that features a Grand Trine and an opposition. In this case the Virgo Sun is opposite the Pisces Moon (as in all full moons), but is also trined by Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Holy reality check! Everything is in place for you to create your most innovative empire yet! This Trine of Earth energy is supporting us in any logistical, foundational, structural activities we may have at hand. However, kites can be tricky to fly. And the wobbly tail of this kite is a Full Moon in Pisces, who’s emotional and mental wishy-washiness can blow this whole thing off kilter! Can you keep it together on an emotional/psychology level long enough to utilize the benefits of this beautiful Grand Earth Trine? 


Meanwhile Mars, which has been retrograde since June and asking is to reassess our primal urges, instinctive behaviors, aggressions and sexuality, is in its last day of stationing before heading direct again. From this day forward, we will be able to initiate new projects with gusto, and maybe even a little extra precision provided by the awareness gained from all that reflection. Your sex drive may be re-activated as well! 


Mars’ forward movement catalyzes a chain reaction of forward movement. Soon, many other planets will go direct and it will feel like we can move full steam ahead! Take this next week to tie up any loose ends you’ve been meaning to attend to. You’ll want to “be ready to be ready” once the ball starts rolling again! 

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