Happy Independence Day Eclipse!

Happy Independence Day Eclipse!

Happy Independence Day Eclipse


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This is probably the strangest 4th of July I’ve experienced in my life so far, how about you? Today feels somber as I grapple with my feelings towards America. It’s always been a love/hate relationship, but this birthday of our country is especially tenuous.


Not only is the US struggling to deal with a global pandemic, but we’re also deep in another chapter of a Civil Rights movement that has been part of this country’s story from the beginning.


Our nation is deeply embroiled in shadow work concerning what “Independence” actually means. And to whom does this independence apply? Is it “freedom from” something or “freedom to do” something that we value so much? The concept of Freedom in relation to Public Safety is a contentious subject. The American Experiment seems to have gone off the rails.


This is reflected in the stars, as usual, and the current planetary aspects are seriously aspecting the birth chart of the USA. Yes! The USA has a birthchart! Imagine that the nation was born at the moment the Declaration of Independence was signed — July 4th, 1776 at 5:10 pm Philadelphia, PA.


Some serious aspects are coming into play at this time. America is experiencing her first Pluto Return- the time when Pluto has made a full cycle around the planet and returned to the exact position it is in the birth chart. Pluto, the planet of complete transformation, death and rebirth, has ended one revolution and begun another. This monumental return is amplified by a conjunction with heavy hitters Saturn and Jupiter. All of this is happening in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn’s domain and Jupiter’s detriment position. This means that Saturn’s power to create structures and enforce rules is heightened while Jupiter’s ability to expand and create joy is hindered. The energy here is something of an implosion, demolishing clunky old structures to clear the way for something more streamlined and effective.


Tonight’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is turning the volume WAAAAAY up on this energy. This is the third and final eclipse of this intense eclipse season. The sun is in Cancer (exactly on top of the US’ Natal Sun) and the moon is in Capricorn, lighting up this energy and bringing emotion into a formerly numb and insensitive place. From Cancer, the sun shines light into the places where the structures of the past have left people out in the cold, unprotected or disenfranchised, and the moon brings her nurturing, intuitive energy to guide a new structure that supports us all.


With Neptune (illusion, inspiration) in its home sign of Pisces, there are still so many questions left unanswered. Confusion abounds as to who is really pulling the strings and what the new structures will actually look like. We may need to wait until Neptune leaves the swirling waters of Pisces to see any truths, but while he’s here, he will be beaming creative ideas into our imagination about what our new world could look like.


This nation was built upon ideals of sovereignty, both for America as a country and for the individuals that make up the whole. That ideal has yet to be actualized for many segments of this country, but in these strange times of upheaval, the only true sovereignty is your own. You’re only rulers are your heart, conscience, and soul pulling you towards a more pure expression of truth, love and equality for all. To be able to follow those callings unhindered by fear — That is true freedom.






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