Pisces Season 2020: Flow States Amplified

Pisces Season 2020: Flow States Amplified

Pieces energy is asking how deep we can dive into our consciousness, sometimes even to the point where it becomes hard to come up for air. The two fish dance around one another much like our subconscious and conscious minds - continually swirling in and out of one another. For these equally matched dualities, vying for dominance is endless and futile, but completely necessary. We dive deep to find inspiration, and return to the surface to live the imagination into reality. This everlasting cycle for all, not just Pisces, allows us to grow through accessing and activating deeper and deeper layers of ourselves. 

This current Pisces energy is amplified by a number of potent aspects, giving us an opportunity to dive deep and soak up the spiritual, inspirational, and psychic energy of the mutable water sign. Not only will the sun and moon be conjunct here on the 23rd for the New Moon (as per usual), but we will also see Neptune, ruler of Pisces, reigning over his kingdom. To top it off, we will have Mercury the planet that governs mental processes, technology, and communication) will retrograde in Pisces and spend over 2 months in the sign. He won’t make his exit into Aries until April 11th! With all this potent Piscean energy going on in the macrocosm, we have a unique opportunity to explore new depths in our own microcosms. We are asked to connect to spirituality in a way that is less ritualistic and more experiential, whether through meditation, breathwork, lucid dreaming, or plant medicines. Altered states is the domain of Pisces, and our current ability to access these states deeper at this time will surely be enhanced. We are asked to dissolve our egos, minds and bodies so we may connect more purely with source and embody our ascending consciousness. With Mercury traversing this sign all the while, it implies that the information garnered during these experiences can be brought to the conscious mind and utilized more effectively.

Some things to be mindful of during this whirlpool of Piscean energy would be skewed judgement, addiction, or escapism. Remember that while one fish is diving deep into the abyss of the soul, the other is swimming to the surface. Don’t forget to come up for air!

Agates of all types can be very useful grounding tools during this time. Their stable, constant vibe will quite literally be a rock to grab hold of in the swirling of Pisces energy. If you find yourself with your head underwater and overwhelmed with the emotions, ideas, and psychic intuitions, allow an agate to anchor your energy. Simply hold the agate in your hand or over your heart or third eye, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. If the flow of your mind or emotions won't slow, simply acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, thank them for their presence, and refocus your mind on your breath. 

I hope your Pisces season is nothing short of magical! This spiritual Zodiac sign has a depth of potential ready to come to the surface--if we can manage the flow and not forget to breathe! 

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