“Structural Saturn and Methodical Mercury Work Out the Kinks”

“Structural Saturn and Methodical Mercury Work Out the Kinks”

This weekend’s astrological aspects are creating quite the buzz. And deservedly so! The Super Full Moon in Gemini is getting a lot of attention because of its concurrence with Mercury stationing retrograde in Sagittarius. No doubt the two simultaneous events will amplify and influence each other for the full lunar cycle and retrograde period, but one heavy hitter is being overlooked in this situation.

Earlier this week, busy-body Mercury conjuncted the strict rule-maker and time-keeper Saturn, and they will make two more meetings before the retrograde period is through. That means this whole Mercury retrograde will be imbued with the energy of structure-oriented Saturn. In addition to this, Saturn is just about to return to its home sign of Capricorn after 28 years of straitening up the rest of the zodiac. To top it off, all this activity is happening in direct alignment with the Galactic Center, infusing every moment of this cosmic dance with a deeply spiritual purpose.

In simplistic terms, I imagine this moment in time is a lot like the moments before the parents come home from a weekend away. The teenage children are buzzing around trying to clean up the mess of the parties they held. Every detail must be accounted for or else there will be hell to pay! (And was the party even worth it?)

More importantly, however, it’s a moment where we will be asked to reflect upon the lessons of the past few years of Saturn’s residency in Sagittarius. As we look back on the past few years, we can ask ourselves:

  • What lessons did I learn?
  • What boundaries did I set, and with whom?
  • What structures did I define that will actually help me expand and explore my knowledge?
  • How else can I master the skills I’ve learned and refine the ideal I’ve imagined while exploring the breadth of my world?
  • What’s my purposeful “Big Plan” to make it better?

The Gemini Full Moon asks you to articulate these answers impeccably. This lunar cycle is about gaining confidence in your purpose and plan, and learning how to communicate it to others with clarity.

While many think Mercury Retrograde is annoying, I think his constant persistence on the details is necessary to work out the final kinks in the “Big Plan” before it gets put into action once Saturn returns home on the Winter Solstice, December 21st! The timing of the universe amazes me. You can’t make this stuff up!

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