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“Ambition” Capricorn Mermaid Sea Goat Zodiac Goddess Agate Slices - Oblong

“Ambition” Capricorn Mermaid Sea Goat Zodiac Goddess Agate Slices - Oblong

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And as we change from Fall to Winter we also enter into Capricorn season which means a brand new Zodiac design release!

Capricorns are known for their responsible and self-control demeanor. They have a natural ability to lead the way and make strong and realistic plans and decisions, one of the many reasons why Capricorns are successful bosses and managers.

However, while they make great leaders, they can have high expectations/ standards to which they can be especially hard on both themselves and those around them if they feel they have not met the expectations they themselves set.

They have a “Can Do Anything” attitude so when you find yourself in a pickle or needing help with an incredibly hard task, you can count on your Capricorn friends to help find the solution until it is resolved.

PLEASE NOTE: The agate slice you receive may not be the exact agate pictured, but it will match the color and size you select. Each stone is unique and subject to natural variations. 

ALSO NOTE: Small agates may not fit acrylic stands! Stands work best with sizes medium and larger. 
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