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“Pisces Flow” Zodiac Fish Agate Slice

“Pisces Flow” Zodiac Fish Agate Slice

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♓️✨Where my #pisces babes at?! ✨♓️✨ Pieces energy is asking how deep we can dive into our consciousness, sometimes even to the point where it becomes hard to come up for air. The two fish dance around one another much like our subconscious and conscious minds - continually swirling in and out of one another. For these equally matched dualities, vying for dominance is endless and futile, but completely necessary. We dive deep to find inspiration, and return to the surface to live the imagination into reality. This everlasting cycle for all, not just Pisces, allows us to grow through accessing and activating deeper and deeper layers of ourselves. 

These Agate slices offer an anchoring energy to stabilize the ebb and flow of this Piscean Tide.

Hand-drawn artwork by  

*Please Note* The agate you receive may not be the exact agate from the photo, but will be the color and size you order. 

Also note: Small Agates may not fit in acrylic stands! Stands work best with sizes Medium and larger. 



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