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✨RARE✨ Lavender Jade Hearts and Pocketstones

✨RARE✨ Lavender Jade Hearts and Pocketstones

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Lavender Jade is a relatively new discovery from Turkey. The soothing purple color, unique and uplifting metaphysical properties, and  limited supply make this a coveted stone for healers and collectors alike. 

Metaphysical Properties: Lavender Jade is an activator of heart and crown chakras, and facilitates an active flow between the two energy centers. This stone enhances intuition and clarity. An excellent stone for spiritually inclined individuals seeking direction, it can assist in creating pathways to discover ones true heart desires. It enhances communication of the heart and soul to the conscious mind so that one may more clearly discover their true calling. 

Hearts measure 2” x 2” x .25”

All shapes weigh approximately 40 grams. 

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