Collection: Labradorite

Labradorite is one of the most popular and impressive stones. It has many uses -- activating and grounding one's psychic powers, protection of the aura, and easing social anxiety and depression. In my experience with the stone, I have found that labradorite's fanciful flashes cultivate ones ability to see inner beauty in one's self and in others. It is the process and patience of observing the beauty of labradorite that makes it so powerful. While some stones are obviously beautiful from any angle, in any light, others require a deeper look. One must search for the colorful iridescence by viewing it from all angles and many different shades of light. When the rainbow light flashes back at the viewer it instantly invokes joy, and one cannot help but fall madly love with the stone. 
To see one's own inner beauty, or the hidden beauty in others, requires patience and a willingness to discover it. Once it is found, however, the observer is seeing the glimmering truth of the Soul. The only natural response is a deep, eternal love.