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Selenite Mushroom Cottage Core Sculpure Decor Object

Selenite Mushroom Cottage Core Sculpure Decor Object

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Enhance your environment and bring the serenity of nature into your space with this selenite mushroom sculpture. Display a single 'Shroom or a cluster for an adorable addition to your decor! 

This simple white or peach-colored mushroom is a great addition to any nature inspired decor. It's a wonderful addition to your desk and home as it will encourage you to connect with nature and enhance your environment every day. This mushroom sculpture can also be used as an altar decor piece.

These Mushrooms make the perfect year-round gift for the cottage core girlies, witchy chicks, gardeners, or nature lovers in your life.

Available in white or peach selenite, in a varaiety of sized. Select your favorite! 

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