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“Bold” Leo Zodiac Agate Slices - Round

“Bold” Leo Zodiac Agate Slices - Round

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We are officially entering into Leo season which means a new Zodiac Agate design!

Leos are known for their passionate, loyal, and consistent behavior, which makes them great leaders! They also have no problem making new friends as they often have a warm and charismatic quality to them.

If you’re looking for a good time and someone who just loves and live life to the fullest, find yourself a Leo.

If you have a difficult problem that needs solving, ask your Leo friend for help.

Because Leos are natural leaders and have a drive for development, they can sometimes be hard-headed and stubborn as they can get focused on themselves.

Leo season invites us to express ourselves. Do the fun things you’ve been craving. Start the project you’ve been putting off.


PLEASE NOTE: The agate slice you receive may not be the exact agate pictured, however it will fit the dimensions and color you select. Each stone is unique and subject to natural variations. 

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