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"Dynamic" Gemini Goddess Twins Zodiac Astrology Agate Slices

"Dynamic" Gemini Goddess Twins Zodiac Astrology Agate Slices

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Double trouble? The twins? Two personalities?

We are approaching Gemini season and it is one that is sure to bring up a lot of energy, especially because we are also approaching an eclipse season.

Geminis are intellectual individuals and, because they are very communicative beings, they love conversations that invite them to think and dive deeper. This goes hand in hand with them being an air sign and ruled by Mercury. However, if they find themselves in interactions that don’t catch their attention or challenge them, you’ll lose them quickly and they’ll take their energy elsewhere.

They love to explore and are constantly curious. They feel as though there isn’t enough time in the day to experience what they want.

Geminis are independent and can love being on their own because there is always two of them, so really, they aren’t ever alone. They can easily keep themselves busy and occupied.

Now, because they have two sides, Geminis can switch on the drop of a hat so be aware that you may get both of them in a short amount of time. They also can be really indecisive, it’s like there are two ideas/ choices always bouncing around in their head.

PLEASE NOTE: The agate slice you receive may not be the exact agate pictured, but it will match the color and size you select. Each stone is unique and subject to natural variations. 

ALSO NOTE: Small agates may not fit acrylic stands! Stands work best with sizes medium and larger. 
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