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"Earth Goddess" Virgo Zodiac Agate Slices - Oblong

"Earth Goddess" Virgo Zodiac Agate Slices - Oblong

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Virgos tend to be very practical, reliable, and polite individuals.

With that being said, you can usually catch virgos worrying about the details, perfecting every last thing, and being overly critical and holding on to expectations maybe a tad too tightly.

If you’re looking for someone to lean on or help you out who is reliable, be sure to grab your Virgo friend!

If you’re in need of someone to run the show and get things done, a Virgo should be your top pick.

Need help with organization and clutter... a Virgo may just get to it before you ask for help!
PLEASE NOTE: The agate slice you receive may not be the exact agate pictured, but it will match the color and size you select. Each stone is unique and subject to natural variations. 
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