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Etched Selenite Massage Wand Sacred Geometry "Flower of Life"

Etched Selenite Massage Wand Sacred Geometry "Flower of Life"

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Massage tools have been used by massage therapists for ages to assistance with tough knots and energetic blocks. This selenite wand allows the user to massage with an ergonomic tool to melt away stiff muscles. The properties of selenite include cleansing, purifying and removing energy blocks, so it is a perfect energetic tool to dissolve the stress that is holding those tight muscles in place.

This massage is roughly 7.5 inches long and has a diameter of approximately 3/4 inc. The pattern etched into the surface of the stone is an ancient pattern that has been seen all over the world. It is called the Flower of Life, and is a 2 dimensional representation of our 3 dimensional universe. This pattern evokes a feeling of abundance and connection to Divine Oneness. It is the foundational framework of all things, afterall!

*external use only

Laser etched laser engraved 

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