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Etched Selenite Palm Stone "Metatron's Cube"

Etched Selenite Palm Stone "Metatron's Cube"

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These polished Selenite palm stones have a heavenly fiber-optic glow to them that makes them intriguing and calming to look at. Selenite is known as one of the only stones that does not hold onto energies, positive or negative. This makes Selenite the perfect meditating stone, as it will neutralize any emotions and energies that you may be harboring.

Metatron's Cube is one of the most complex shapes in sacred geometry, partly because it contains so many shapes in one! It is a two-dimensional representation of how all 9 Platonic solids harmoniously fit together. Platonic solids are the basic building blocks of our universe, the foundational shapes that create all other shapes. Use this symbol to remind oneself of the harmony and balance that is inherent in all creation, and to raise your vibration to align with the natural order of all things! 

Each Palm Stone comes an in organza gift bag.


Laser etched laser engraved 

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