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Set of 3 "You're a Goddess" Etched Palo Santo

Set of 3 "You're a Goddess" Etched Palo Santo

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Palo Santo or "Holy Wood" is sweet smelling wood that grows in Central and South America. It can be burned much like incense to release it's bright and uplifting aroma, cleanse the environment of negative emotions and energies, and even repel mosquitos and other flying bugs.It is used in ceremony in a similar fashion as sage, however while sage is an excellent cleansing smoke, the smoke of Palo Santo is a direct messenger to the Divine and Spirit worlds. Use Palo Santo any time you will be setting an intention or calling in new energy, such as before yoga, prayer, or meditation, when moving into a new home, while traveling, during a new moon ritual, or simply in the morning as you envision your day. 

These 4.25" sticks have been etched with a reminder of your divine origins. One side holds the reminder "You're a Goddess" along with the seed of life. The back is etched with the ancient flower of life pattern that symbolizes connection to Divine Oneness.

Don't ever forget: YOU'RE A GODDESS!   

Our Palo Santo is sourced from the most reliable provider in Ecuador. This company is spearheading conservation and rehabilitation efforts of the Tropical Dry Forest Habitat of the Palo Santo Trees.  All Palo Santo is sustainably sourced. No trees are ever cut down to make palo santo, it is only collected from the floor of the Tropical Dry Forest. 





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