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Soothing Angelite Heart Palmstone Etched with Mandala

Soothing Angelite Heart Palmstone Etched with Mandala

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Angelite is a favorite among light workers because of its ability to connect its user with healing Angelic realms. This stone is perfect for soothing heartache and grief, as well as activating one’s connection to higher, brighter, and softer energetic fields. Its calming presence helps soothe the soul, while simultaneously awakening an awareness of higher, more luminous, and tender energetic spaces.

Select your size and design from the drop down menu. The image will change to your selected design. 

Angelite: Your Bridge to Angelic Healing

  • Purpose: Connects you with angelic realms for healing.
  • Benefits: Soothes heartache & grief, activates higher energy connections.
  • Customize: Choose size & design via dropdown. Image updates to show your selection.
  • Experience: Gentle yet powerful, ideal for spiritual growth.
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