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“Taurus Sigil” Daisy Flower Agate Slices

“Taurus Sigil” Daisy Flower Agate Slices

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Taurus Season is here!  I had so much fun collaborating with tattoo artist @jackie_rye , owner of , for this month’s artwork. She really captured the effortless beauty and Venusian luxe that exemplifies Taurus Energy. Match that with the Queen of all grounding stones, Agates, and you have yourself a solid, stabilizing presence on your altar.  


Agates offer a beautiful grounding energy that is perfect for stabilizing the energy of an altar or ritual space. They have a slow and steady vibration that enriches and fortifies the spirit. They balance the yin and yang energy, and promote a stable environment for ceremony. Hold an agate if you wish to get your head out of the clouds and it will bring you back to earth. The color and beauty of these lovely agate slices is enhanced when placed near a bright window. 

All Extra Large and Gold/Silver Plated Agate Slices come with an acrylic stand.  


*Please Note* The agate you receive may not be the exact agate from the photo, but will be the color and size you order. 

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